Leading Pallet Company in Miami

Leading Pallet Company in Miami

If you are shipping goods from one location in or out of South Florida, you will need a good Miami Pallet Company for new or used pallets to organize your shipment. South Florida Pallets supplies pallet services in Miami and all of Florida. We service areas like Hialeah, Doral, Coral Gables, Medley, and others.

Our competitive prices and high-quality service will help preserve your company’s bottom line. In addition, we supply durable, heat treated pallets that meet all ISPM 15 requirements for wood packing materials. South Florida Pallets prides itself on being green as we also supply recycled pallets.

Pallet Services in Miami

Pallet Services offered by South Florida Pallets

At South Florida Pallets, we use our experience in the industry to procure and supply the best pallets, offering our clients an exceptional service every time. Also, we are committed to providing an outstanding service for all your pallet needs and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our pallet services.

Services you can expect from a good Miami Pallet Company:

Pallet Supply
Whether you want a grade A or B pallet, we will provide exactly what you need. We supply pallets in Miami for small and big storage items, and our pallets play an essential role in the efficient handling, transportation, and storage of materials.


Pickup and Delivery Services
If you need a pickup service for your pallet, we can help you get it wherever you want. Our pick up and delivery service are quick and reliable.

Trailer Exchange
We offer a trailer exchange service for your pallets. With many years experience in the pallet industry, we provide the most cost-effective pallet and logistic solutions.

Dry Run or Flatbed Services
Dry run or flatbed truck services are the top choices for shipping freight. Before you can successfully transport your pallets, you must first choose the best shipping option for your transportation needs. We provide pallet transportation services to suit all your needs.

When you choose South Florida Pallets as your pallet supplier, you will enjoy a wide range of products and services. We serve customers throughout South Florida and regularly add to our distribution and service networks.

From direct supplies to logistics services, we work closely with grocery suppliers, warehouses, produce packers, furniture manufacturers, flower distributors and many others.

Benefits of Using Services a leading Miami Pallet Company

If you work in the logistics, supply, construction, or transportation industries, then you probably know the many advantages of using pallets. Using an efficient pallet service provider for your shipping or logistics needs can decrease your manpower requirements and reduce your handling and transportation costs

Pallets in Miami

Here are some important reasons to use our pallet services:


Our wooden Pallets are easily available. Wood is a natural resource and is abundantly available. The cost of used or new pallets is affordable, which makes it the best choice for the transportation of goods. We buy, make, repair and exchange pallets often so we always have a good inventory at hand,

Strength and stiffness

Our pallets are made from softwood, hardwood, and composite wood materials. These are high-quality materials that make them the best choice for transportation. Safe logistics services – Our strong pallets reduce the possibility of damage to your cargo during their transportation. No matter how heavy your load, the pallet will remain stiff during handling


Our pallet services are affordable and economical. We will provide transportation services without any inconvenience and our pallets can be easily stacked up for more storage space.


You can use our pallets for years without replacement, we offer long-lasting pallets that are durable and sturdy.


We provide a pallet supply and logistics service that is green. From supply to transportation, we adhere to eco-friendly best practices to help people and organizations reduce their carbon footprint.

All pallets supplied by South Florida Pallets services have no restrictions on size, quantity, or type. So, we have fully licensed collection trailers and ensure that we meet all legislative obligations in the State of Florida and anywhere else we operate.

South Florida Pallets is a prominent wooden pallet in Miami and Florida.  Also, we offer a wide range of pallets such as pine wood pallets, industrial pine timber pallets, and recycled wooden pallets.

We also offer other services that include pick up and delivery of pallets.  Thus, with our extensive experience and efficient team, you can be sure of getting a premium service that is always on time.

If you have any special pallet transportation needs or would like to carry out some repairs or customization of your pallet, then we can also be of service.

Thus, as a pallet specialist, we promise to take care of all supply needs, to make your shipment fast and on time with the quality product you expect.

So, Give us a call today for all your pallets services in Miami, Doral and surrounding areas 786-306-6460 or stop into our location 2200 NW 110th Ave Miami fl 33172 

We, South Florida Pallets is the number one distributor and manufacturer of wooden pallets all over the area of South Florida.

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