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Usually it is structurally sound and can be used in carrying goods in industries. If a pallet breaks, the broken string is repaired or replaced with a metal pallet. It is called Grade A Pallet Typically these are a recycled pallet repaired close to its original condition. If you are looking for best quality Grade A Pallet, visit us at South Florida Pallets. We are the best pallet suppliers in Florida and Miami and great pallet suppliers to shipping pallet companies as well. We deal in wooden pallet, shipping pallet and also provide pallets for sale Miami.

Grade A pallets are strongly build out of wood and are primarily used for carrying goods in the industries. When the original pallet is broken or its string gets worn off, it is replaced by a new string or with a metal pallet. This is then called a Grade A pallet. Because these are repaired out of the original pallets, these have a little worn off appearance but serve their purpose rightfully. Grade A pallets are easily available. Their appearance is cleaner because they undergo less recycling stages. We provide with the best quality Grade A pallets in Miami and Florida. We deal in wooden pallets, shipping pallets and also provide pallets for sale in Miami.


We are a leading manufacturer and distributor company of wooden pallets. We provide Grade A, Grade B pallets and recycled heat treated pallets to industries and shipping pallet companies. Grade B pallets are mostly the reconditioned pallets. But we promise you the quality. Our grade B Pallet has about 6 to 7 boards on top, the board width which can be 3.5 to 5.5 wide and no less than 4 boards at the bottom. Average top deck spacing 2-1/2” to 3-1/2” but can be up to 4” and has wooden plugs (repairs) on stringers. The length is adjustable according to customer requirement. Visit us at South Florida Pallets for more information.

Wooden pallets consist of 3-4 stringers that support several deck boards, on top of which goods are placed. In a pallet measurement, the first number is the stringer length and the second is the duckboards length. Square or nearly square pallets help a load resist tipping. We provide the best quality Grade A and Grade B wooden pallets in Miami. Grade B pallets are comparatively less expensive and are used mainly in shipping and warehousing purpose where the chances of its coming back are less. If the stringers are broken, they are repaired by placing a block tight up against the broken area on the inside of the pallet; the new piece is then fixed in its place. Grade B pallets are blocked one or two times. Boards on the top that are severely broken are removed and replaced with a good quality piece of recycled board to match the quality of the pallet being repaired.


Wood Pallet Companies like us accumulate the pallets from the working location sites where they are a waste and non-useful. These are then recycled into different sizes. Pallets most likely to be recycled are ones of the most popular sizes, such as 48×40-inch or other conventional pallet footprints, or 800x1200mm or 1200x1000mm respectively. We customize and recycle pallets in order to meet the needs of our customers. These heat treated pallets give that perfect and original look. We provide recycled pallets to wooden pallet companies and shipping pallet companies at competitive rates and prices.

he high quality pallets when repaired or recycled are called the recycled pallets. We collect the waste and non useful pallets from different locations. These pallets are then recycled into different sizes. The companies can also customize the unused empty wooden pallets lying with them according to their other needs. The location of pallet recycling companies is usually in proximity to urban areas or such locations where the quantity of unwanted empty pallets is more. Recycled pallets can be used for different creative or hobby purposes or for commercial purposes. It is dependent on the imagination of the user otherwise the use of recycled pallets has large implications in different fields.


If you have any wooden pallet lying with you. You want to have it customized and recycled. Then you are at the right place. South Florida Pallets will do the work for you. We provide pallets in Miami and Florida pallets. We may not be near you but no worries! Our servicemen will come to pick-up the pallets and deliver it to you. Our pick-up and delivery services are quick and fast.

Our company deals with the pickup and delivery of different kinds of pallets from one location to another. We provide the best service of pickup and delivery in Miami and Florida. It doesn’t matter how far you are from us, our servicemen will come to you to pick up the pallets or deliver them to any desired location. Our services for pickup and delivery are quick, fast and reliable. We provide these services at affordable prices. We are the leading pallet providers in Miami and Florida.


At South Florida Pallets, we don’t only deal in wooden pallets but also provide trailer exchange services to wood pallet companies and shipping pallet companies. We are leading pallet Supplier Company and provide pallets in Miami and Florida pallets. We provide trailer exchange in all the areas of south Florida. Besides trailer exchange, we expertise in wooden pallets, Florida pallets, heat treated pallets and pallets for sale Miami and pallets in Miami.

Trailers are the Lorries that help in the transportation of pallets from one place to another. These are divided in two or more sections that are connected by metal bars for easy movement or turning. We here At South Florida Pallets, don’t only deal in wooden pallets but also provide trailer exchange services to different wood pallet and shipping companies. We have a large number of heavy duty trucks that transport your product safely from one place to another with any hassle. Our company has skilled trailer drivers that ensure proper and safe transportation of your products.


We at South Florida Pallets, make all the efforts to make our customers happy. We are pallet suppliers in Miami and Florida. We provide dry run services before we proceed to deliver our wooden pallets to our customers. And in the process, If any defects are found, we change or modify the pallets immediately. Our heavy duty trucks will transfer your wooden pallets safely to your area or location, without any hassles. Get the best in town flatbed services at highly affordable rates. Contact us for more information on a dry run or flatbed services.

A flat bed is a type of truck in which only the the flat and rigid base is there with no rooftop or side railings. It is generally used for items that do not require very delicate handling. These kind of trucks have more space in comparison to the  general trucks an so larger items can be transported. A dry run can simply be described as the rehearsal of the actually process before the real one takes place. We ensure that the transportation of your products takes place in a safe manner and thus if during the dry run any product gets damaged, we replace or modify it immediately so that the best product reaches you. We have trained and skilled servicemen here that try their best to provide you with the best.  Contact us for more information on dry run or flat bed services.

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As a pallet specialist we promise to take care of all supply needs, to make your shipment fast and on time with the quality product you expect.

We, South Florida Pallets is the number one distributor and manufacturer of wooden pallets all over the area of South Florida.

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