About Us

About Us

We, South Florida Pallets is the number one distributor and manufacturer of wooden pallets all over South Florida. We sell and manufacture customized and new pallets as well as recycled GMA wooden pallets. We understand that our customers need to have a company that can provide them with all the things they need. Therefore, we step forward as one of the best Miami wood pallet companies.


After a couple of years of undergoing profound growth, South Florida Pallets becomes the best supplier of all the supplies needed in the shipping industry. From heat treated pallets to recycled pallets, we have pallets for sale in Grade A and Grade B categories. You can be assured that the products and the services we provide are of the best and of the highest level of quality that you deserve.


The combination of our high-quality products and exceptional service made us one of the best pallet suppliers in whole South Florida. We are on the top among the other shipping pallets companies for a reason. The reason is quite visible.


Our company’s main mission is to continuously provide our partners and our valuable customers the products and the services that they need with integrity driven by the TPM or the Total Pallet Management both in the local and national level. Our dedication towards our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction makes us stand out from the other Miami wood pallet companies. Now you know exactly whom to call when you need the best pallets in Florida.


Our company’s vision is to stay true to our company’s mission and values. We as South Florida Pallets is going to be recognized nationally as the number one provider of high quality of choice for TPM or Total Pallet Management.
We at South Florida Pallets is driven by the values that we have to continue doing our best to give the best and nothing but the best to our partners and valuable customers. We are taking pride in ourselves for being reliable, honest, transparent and fair in all the things that we do. We are making sure that we deliver our promises and do what is right.


Hence, when clients search “the best pallet company near me,” it becomes our sole purpose to reach to them and provide them the best service they deserve before they become the prey of someone else’s false promises. We have responsibilities, and we have confidence and strength to shoulder them with pride.


We as a top company is working on hand and hand for us to achieve the best level of service and quality that our partners expect and deserves to have. We value the importance of sharing as well as partnering with several people to explore a number of possibilities and create excellent solutions that we cannot do on our own.


We also care about our environment. For that reason, we are striving to reuse, reduce and recycle all the materials that we have in order to help in minimizing the amount of waste that goes to the landfills. Because of the fact that our environment is changing in a fast manner, we are always challenging ourselves to continuously learn, improve and adapt to new situations that happen in our industry. So, do let us know if you need the best pallets in Miami, Florida with an excellent service.


We at South Florida Pallets is making sure that we are enjoying coming to work and we are taking pride in providing the high quality of products and services to our valuable partners and customers. We are making sure that we continue to participate in several events that strengthen and builds a great relationship with our partners and associates. You can rest assured that you are getting the best from us.


Now, do not worry about “where to buy used pallets or the freshly manufactured pallets.” Because now you know where to find them, right?

We, South Florida Pallets is the number one distributor and manufacturer of wooden pallets all over the area of South Florida.

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